My Journey with Borg Academy.

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My Journey with Borg Academy.

Postby admin » Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:38 pm

I don't know, how I came to this clan. First found this game COC, I think in late 2011 through advertisement on some other game.

Tried it, and cottoned on. I was TH9, all maxed up when, wooooosh, my IPad got snitched and Since my account wasn't linked to gamecenter I lost the village. During that time, I didn't even had kik of any of the players here, so Practically, I wasn't even in touch with anyone. I later came to know, that all of them waited for me for sometime, and then finally ..... My village was gone.

The agony was so much, that I didn't played the game for good one year. Finally, the withdrawal symptoms craved in, and I downloaded COC on the new IPad I bought. I don't know, how many times, I must have browsed this Clan, and seen Junior's village. Since, I wasn't in touch with anyone out here, I remembered him distinctly, as he used to be the highest donator in our clan in those days, and sometimes used to donate more than 3000 in a week. Donations number was reset every week then.

I went to a number of clans, and tried to stay with them, but most of the times, the wavelength never matched. Either I left the clan, or I was kicked out. The craving to come back to the clan was persistent. Finally, when I got enough trophies, I joined back here. Most of the people were almost the same.

Now just to let you know, when I joined back, I didn't even had the dark barracks with me. Learnt lot good deal from my clan mates. Cis, OUR co leader patiently used to tell me how to attack during clan wars. We used to loose a lot in those days then, but everyone just stayed on...... I am not mentioning our winning streak in recent months, now that everyone wants to war more than general attacks.

And here I am.... Clan Co - Leader. That's the story of my Village, spanning over a period of four years .....

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Thank you Kung, Cis, Calais, and everyone in the clan, to make this journey memorable......

Borg's Rock !!!

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